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Tried and True - also known as TNT!      50+ Ministry

TNT is a place for folks 50 years or more, to join and experience God's love together! This is an incredibly vibrant group of people who enjoy traveling together, creating memories, seeing new things, savoring great food and loving our Lord.

What's in a name? Well… once a person has put 50 years on this earth, most likely they have been "TRIED" with difficult choices and life experiences. In TNT, our goal is to stay "TRUE" to the end and use trials as the lessons they are and to embrace each day that is given to us. And besides, TNT sounds like a lot of fun doesn't it?

TNT offers a wide range of activities that consist of day tour experiences, one each month, visiting unique attractions, sharing good company and expanding our travel horizons together. 

Life is full of questions and TNT workshops are offered on healthcare, mobility, exercise and many other relevant topics quarterly. TNT workshop schedule coming soon! We welcome you to join us in travel, new life experiences and new friendships through TNT!


Questions? or Information on Upcoming Events:

Please contact Tammy Guill, by email at or fill out form.

Call the CenterPoint Office at (360) 832-4253.

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