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CenterPoint has so much to offer you and your family and the Membership Link is the best place to learn how you can jump in and get involved. Here is your chance to meet new people, and learn the story and vision behind CenterPoint. And for those of you who have been around a while and are considering joining, this is your chance to make it official.


To sign up for Membership Link contact the CenterPoint Office at (360) 832-4253 or fill out the form below:

CenterPoint Institute exists to train its students on how to lead skillfully through life. It is a tool to help fill the leadership and effective ministry vacuum that now exists in the American church. Our goal is to equip well-trained, relevant, effective ministers and leaders to deal with the challenges of life at home, work, business, and church.


We offer three separate years of Bible-based study. These classes can be taken in any order the student desires. The three years of study have distinct areas of focus: Leadership; Counseling; and Bible.


If we are to obey Christ by winning the lost to Him, equipping disciples, and releasing ministers then we must build great leaders… Not just ordinary leaders, but great leaders who know how to initiate and lead change, cast a compelling vision, overcome conflict, and most importantly, reproduce themselves in the lives of others.


The curriculum is based on the qualities and skills needed by successful, godly ministers, whether lay or professional. The CenterPoint Institute curriculum is based on three life changing award-winning workbooks:


  • 1st Quarter: Developing the Leader Within You, by John C. Maxwell

  • 2nd Quarter: Learning to Lead Like Jesus, by Boyd Bailey

  • 3rd Quarter: Spiritual Leadership, by Henry Blackakaby

In addition to powerful discussions from the material in these workbooks, this year of leadership will give you the opportunity to effectively lead through engaging relevant simulations and worksheets to encourage critical thinking. You will receive coaching and develop great Bible study leading skills. During these three-quarters, previous students, ranging from degree-holding professionals, business owners, homemakers to young adult singles have reported success boosting increases in their skill for leading in all areas of life.


For this study we will use materials from “Light University.” You will learn what the Bible has to say about today’s tough issues such as; Depression, Guilt, Divorce, Anxiety, Sexual Abuse, Addictions and much more!


Earn your Certificate, Regular Diploma, or Advanced Diploma by taking two additional electives, while studying with some of the world’s leading and most trusted counseling faculty. This course is recognized and endorsed by Gary Smalley and the “American Association of Christian Counselors,” and is a college credit course, including "continuing education credits." 


Caring for People God's Way

“Caring For People God's Way” is a general introduction to Biblical counseling. It is a program that educates and equips a community of helpers to offer solid Biblical encouragement, direction, hope, and personal growth to others. Special attention is given to the needs of hurting people and what the Bible says about how a counseling ministry can potentially change a person's life.


CenterPoint Institute’s year focused specifically on the Bible is designed to equip its students with a deeper, more complete understanding of His word and to develop a closer walk with Him. Throughout this course, we will unpack the relevance and powerful life changing effect of God’s timeless truths. This study will help each student develop fundamental skills for Biblical interpretation, how to know and do the will of God and experience an in-depth study on a solid Christian worldview. During this year, the Bible will be our primary textbook. We will also use study guides with short segments of DVD instruction from well know authors and teachers with each week’s lesson. These are the courses we have selected as a template for our study of God’s timeless truths:


  • 1st Quarter: Experiencing God, by Henry & Richard Blackaby

  • 2nd Quarter: The Bible In 90 Days, by Ted Cooper Jr.

  • 3rd Quarter: The Truth Project, By Focus on the Family with Dr. Del Tackett

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